Diversity Club

Advisor: Lauren Glaros (lglaros@wscloud.org), Christiane Baker (cbaker@wscloud.org)
Student President: Eden Singleton-Tarr
Season: Fall, Winter, Spring
Location: Room 127
Meetings: Tuesdays after school from 3:15 to 4:00pm

Mission Statement: Kilbourne’s Diversity Club is a safe and supportive place for students of color and allies to come together to discuss issues and make positive change at WKHS and in our community.

If you’re someone who wants to discuss issues and take positive action on topics that matter to you at WKHS and in your community, join Diversity Club! During Diversity Club meetings, we have honest and open conversations with each other about issues and situations regarding race in our school community/member’s communities. We do this by starting each meeting with a discussion question, either brought up by one of our club leaders or picked from questions that members have asked.

Learn More: Contact Eden Singleton-Tarr at es1075@wscloud.org