Gaming Club

Advisor: N/A
Season: Fall, Winter, Spring
Location: Room 134, Engineering/Art Hallway
Meetings: Daily after school except for Fridays

  • Monday: Fortnite
  • Tuesday: Overwatch
  • Wednesday: Super Smash Brothers, Rocket League
  • Thursday: Valorant

Mission: The Kilbourne eSports team is dedicated to providing high school students an opportunity to compete and connect in a different, non-atheltic endeavour.

Gaming Club group photo

Nowadays, everybody plays video games. In fact, in the past 3-4 years, gaming has grown so much that high school students can now earn scholarship money to play in college. eSports provides an alternative to students who want to challenge themselves in a unique, non-atheletic manner. “One of the best things about the eSports team is that you can come from any background and still fit in,” says Gavin Meeks, previous advisor to the club.

To join one of the five game teams, there is a tryout process at the beginning of the season. Depending on the number of people on the team, it might be walk-on or competitive admission.

Learn More: Come to Room 134 after school, or Contact an advisor (above)