In The Know

Advisor: Laura Haverkamp (
Season: Winter
Location: Library
Meetings: Regular, Usually Wednesdays after school, 3:15pm-4:00pm

Mission: Kilbourne’s In The Know team is all about enjoying scholastic competition while testing student knowledge through trivia.

In The Know group photo

Do you like trivia? Do you enjoy watching Jeopardy every 7pm on Tuesdays? Do you play TriviaCrack? Kilbourne’s In The Know team might be your avenue to enjoy trivia in-person for yourself. This ever-popular quiz program hosted by WOSU attracts students from high schools all over central and southern Ohio. The format of the program is a Jeopardy-style presentation where a host asks questions to eight students (four per team). The questions are based on general high school subjects ranging from science to visual arts. You can earn scholarships from The Ohio State University if Kilbourne is one of the top four high school teams!

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