Junior State of America

Advisor: John Patch (jpatch@wscloud.org)
Student President: Sierra Haurani (sh0548@wscloud.org)
Season: Fall, Winter, Spring
Location: Room 207
Meetings: Regular, Every other Wednesday after school

Mission: The Junior State of America (JSA) is a national student-run non-partisan organization that has the goal of teaching civic engagement, leadership skills, and debate skills to high school students.

Junior State of America group photo

JSA is a really unique experience because you can choose your level of commitment with how many meetings you show up to, and how much you want to speak during the meetings! Each meeting has debates and thought talks that were suggested and voted on by members. Thought talks are similar to socratic seminars, except without the added pressure of grades! We have had discussions on topics such as raising the minimum wage, abortion, and if are birds real. No debate knowledge nor experience is required. JSA is looking for ALL political beliefs and is a respectful space. If you are interested in voting on upcoming meetings and staying up to-date, join the Remind by texting the message @WKHSJSA to the number 81010.

Learn More: Contact Sierra Haurani at sh0548@wscloud.org or join the Remind @WKHSJSA