Math Club

Advisor: Doug Troutner (
Season: Fall, Winter, Spring
Location: Room 259
Meetings: Irregular, once a month before school usually from 7:05 to 7:35am (Your teacher will notify you)

Mission Statement: Kilbourne’s Math Club is focused on challenging students to excel in math competitions.

The WKHS Math Club participates in several math competitions each year.

  1. Ohio Math League (OML) - 6 monthly contests, 30 minutes each
  2. American Mathematics Competitions (AMC 12) - a 75 minute contest
  3. American Invitational Mathematics Exam - a 3 hour competition for individuals who achieve a qualifying score on the AMC 12

If you enjoy challenging math problems, this is the club for you! Each month, each member takes the Ohio Math League test, and later in the year we compete in the American Mathematics Competitions and American Invitational Mathematics Exam (for those who qualify).

Learn More: Ask your math teacher or Contact an advisor (above)