WIN Peace Ambassadors

Advisor: Kathy Moore (, Jan Elliott, Janet Blocher
Student President: Kya Angle (
Season: Fall, Winter, Spring
Location: Worthington’s 11 elementary schools
Meetings: Monthly

Mission Statement: The Worthington Interfaith Neighbors Peace Ambassadors are dedicated to encouraging young children to celebrate differences in others.

WIN Peace Ambassadors group photo

  • Win Peace Ambassadors, a Worthington Interfaith Neighbors (WIN) initiative, is a youth acting troupe that is passionate about carrying out the WIN mission.
  • The troupe is comprised of WKHS students who write and perform role plays for Worthington Schools’ third graders.
  • The goal of the performances is to help young children understand the importance of treating all people with respect, even when their faith or culture differs from their own.
  • The troupe will show children the good ways to converse with and question someone of a different culture, using a “disrespectful way / respectful way” format.
  • The troupe will encourage the third graders to share their thoughts and reactions throughout the performance.

Our mantra: include don’t exclude! Make a positive difference in the lives of over 700 Worthington third graders. Become part of the WIN Peace Ambassadors, whose role is to perform skits in all eleven Worthington elementary schools, teaching young students the importance of treating all people with respect. This is a high impact program that helps to make this world a more inclusive, peaceful place. Join us!

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